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Bespoke Homes at a Historic Address

The Palmolive Building Landmark Residences is one of the most significant adaptive reuses ever undertaken of a landmark building. Natalia’s cooperation was invited by a developer, who embarked on the major adaptive reuse of converting the building’s existing offices to 100 ultra-luxury fully bespoke residences. All buyers met with Natalia to make their selections from palettes she carefully curated, but virtually any kind of architectural finish they dreamed up was possible. For the homeowners that sought after a dwelling as piece of art unto themselves, Natalia collaborated closely with Booth Hansen – the building architect and talented designers such as Kadlec A+D, producing interiors featuring highly refined detailing and jaw dropping sophistication. Although no two residences are alike, many details and finishes are consistent throughout the building, giving a modern, high-end luster to the spacious layouts.

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